October 23rd, 2010

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Saturday Evening Post Oct 23rd

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

I spent hours on trying to get the transmission control cables to line up. I gave up. This evening I shall read the original instructions that came with the Vetus control panel. When all else fails…. The arc is much larger than on my old Renault. It is hard to do this alone since the controls are in the cockpit and I have to make the adjustments inside crunched under the quarter berth.

The barometer rose to 1028 millibar, backed down no 1025. Beautiful crisp clear winter weather. There was frost on the  ground this morning. The moon and sun rises and sets have been breathtaking. I am sure glad for the heater that Marian brought. I flip it on around 6 a.m. And then turnover again in my warm sleeping bag. In the afternoon, the sun warms the boat up to where I do not need the heater.  I still have my short dizzy spells when I get up and a cold/flue? But it has not intervened with the work.  Yesterday I did not get to the wireless spot. I was too tired to move after dinner. I hate to make any predictions any more. But if I get the transmission hook up figured out it should be done. The wiring to the instrument panel is working I have the cooling water and the exhaust all hooked up.