October 16th, 2010

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Saturday Oct 16

Saturday, October 16th, 2010
Marian took the new transmission and the old shaft coupling to make them match. I hope he does not end up on one of his weekend binges. I need the transmission first of all to make the foundation adjustments. There will be battery cables to be lengthened, but fuel lines, exhaust and cooling water hoses all appear to be an easy match. I just pray that it stays dry. It is dark and everything is soaking wet from the recent rains and the misty weather.
The men from the Capitania had a barbecue and Florin invited me to join in. Marinated veal ribs, bread and one of the ferry boat men brought the large jar (center table) of canned red sweet peppers (paprika). Washing it down with plum brandy and white wine.

From left Jean (?), Adi and son David, ?, Florin