October 10th, 2010

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Sunday Oct 10. I made another try

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

To understand and get something out of the Orthodox Catholic mass. I recognized the Credo. But the rest is still Greek to me. The last time I mentioned that they make the sign of the cross every 5 minutes, make that 15 seconds. The whole liturgy is sung in a bit of a drone. It is not Gregorian. Some parts are very melodious and then there is the one very low base, at times. Sounds like it is coming from a deep well. And after sitting there again for two hours I still have no clue if they actually serve communion. The vestments are gorgeous, the rituals obviously very specific but I miss the Spirit that I always felt in other countries where I did not understand the language, like Vietnam, Philippines, etc.

That wind blowing off the river started yesterday but it is not as strong and I am better buffered. A few days, ago when it was a nice afternoon, one of the small runabouts that are moored here, put my 25 lb Bruce type anchor out upwind from the boat, so that if it gets rough again I can try pull the bow away from the pontoon and not continuously have to fend off from the steel wire cable.  It is just a few degrees above freezing in the early morning and then it warms up some in the afternoon, now that the sun has come out again.

Last night Christi, one of the Harbor Master men, invited me to have a glass of wine with him and Marian, the mechanic. Marian brought a bottle of his home made red wine. It was indeed an excellent wine. But Marian was already three sheets to the wind. I hope he’ll be sober when he comes to help install the engine, as agreed earlier. Chrsiti’s wife still spoils me with her home canned delicacies and an occasional jar of soup du jour.