October 3rd, 2010

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Sunday October 3rd

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

No pictures of a church service this time. I have requested your prayers to get me out of this Godforsaken place and unless you don’t get serious there will be a picture of a sunset on every blog till I am out of here. There is little that I get from the local Orthodox service and I feel a bit of an intruder by not being able to keep up with their signs of the cross ( in the reverse direction) every 5 minutes. And the chairs all belong to individual parishioners. August 29th was the last time, in Bratislava, that I was able to participate at mass and receive Holy Communion. By next weekend that will be the longest period since I did my first communion. The previous time was at the first crossing of the Pacific from Santa Barbara to the Marquesas, in 2005.

It was cold and rained off and on today, so I was boatbound, reading. “Reizen tot op het Bot” is written by a reincarnated Polar Bear. It’s all about places like New Georgia, Falklands, Faroer, Iceland, Nova Zembla. Snow, storms. Great writing and research but it depresses me. I wonder if the library here┬áhas something morte uplifting with Palm trees in it in a language I can understand.

These guys actually managed to pass me:

Just upstream from Budapest, August 31