June, 2016

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Wednesday, June 22nd. Back from the California visit.

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

When you get to be my advanced age there is a milepost every other day. Today could have been my 57th first wedding anniversary. But the good thing is that I had to prove my age to the security screeners at the airport. I am allowed to keep my shoes on since I am over 75. This reminds me of the warning I received from my twin brother when I informed him from Durban in 2007, on his 70th birthday, that when he turned 75 I’d be 65 because I would be going back one year for every year I spend at sea. He told me that I’d be needing him to buy my drinks if I dropped back below 21.

To follow up on the previous departure announcement: I will be giving a presentation, on the Dutch shallow draft sailing barges, on Friday Sept. 9 from 2.30 until 3.30 and on Saturday the 10th, on my SoloMan adventure, from 3.450 until 4.45 pm. Besides my two daughters and family there are a number of friends who plan to come and see me off on Saturday. I plan to give a “Bon Voyage” party after the presentation. “Fleetwood” is still on the waiting list for moorage in the Cap Sante Marina. Tentatively, I plan to also have a get together here at the Arabella’s landing Marina on Tuesday evening the 6th of September. I have updated the “Fleetwood” Wish list, for the equipment I need to outfit for the long voyage. Several of the major items have been purchased/donated.  But as you will see there are quite a few still to be procured. Take a good look, please. Also I really appreciate any counsel on the choices of navigation and communication questions I have on this list from my fellow off-shore cruising readers.

California was a (hot) blast. I made new friends and enjoyed very much being among sailing friends in familiar places. Alameda where I spent about three weeks preparing “Fleetwood” in March 2005. And in Santa Barbara from where I left for the Marquesas at the end of April 2005.  The “SailStice” fun for all at the Encinal YC was an exciting place to be.

Several Master Mariner classics attending and El Torros demonstration.

Several Master Mariner classics attending and El Torros demonstration.


The America’s Cup Trophy on exhibit at the Encinal YC








I flew to San Francisco on a buddy pass from ex-second wife Laura and rented a car for the drive to and from Santa Barbara. I had planned to spend a few more days visiting old and new friends in the Los Angeles area but the timing and the heat cut that to just Monday afternoon. “Sixt” rentals, where I have had very good prices and service from in Holland earlier this year and last year, turned out to cater to the muscle car affecionados. But when I was ready to go back to the airport the manager made me a deal on a Chevy Equinox with 500 miles on it. What a sweet car to drive and the a/c performed well on Monday afternoon when the thermometer for the outside temperature climbed to 115 Fahrenheit. Santa Barbara is where I became a father when Lisa was born there on April 18, 1964. She was baptized in the Franciscan old mission church, where all the fathers were applauded at the 9 a.m. mass on Sunday. Perfect place and time. I had the best lunch ever for $1.80 per Taquito at Lily’s Taqueria on Chapalla street. The below pictures were taken at sunset on Sunday with the unusual colors because of the forest fire. I turned 180° to take the moon rise.

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Sunday June 12. I have a departure date.

Monday, June 13th, 2016

Exactly three months from now. Monday, September 12. This will be right after the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend. I will give a few presentations that weekend at the festival.  From there I will move down the Pacific Coast to the San Francisco Bay area and make stops along the way for a November departure, after the hurricane season ends, into Mexico and further to the Panama Canal.

There is still much to be done and acquired. But I thrive on deadlines. I have composed a list of items I wish/need, in case you might have some sitting around or have them for sale. Please, check the list at Fleetwood Shopping List I also solicit your advise on several questions on navigation and communication installations in this list.

Last week I hauled the boat out for antifouling and maintenance. I did not get done in time to have “Fleetwood” blessed in the annual Gig Harbor “Blessing of the Fleet”on Sunday June 5th. I was the guest on the m/y “Last Dance” of my friends Terry and Janet James in the Gig Harbor YC raft up. I did get sprinkled and “Fleetwood” will have to make do with what she received in 2014.

Fr.Mark Guzman and Deacon Dale Fickes of St. Nicholas church with the B&B Lopez twins as servers.

Fr.Mark Guzman and Deacon Dale Fickes of St. Nicholas church with the B&B Lopez twins as servers.





I am flying down to the Bay Area for my presentation at the “Summer Sailstice” festival at the Encinal YC in Alameda on this Saturday the 18th. And will do another presentation at the Santa Barbara YC on Monday the 20th at their luncheon meeting. I plan to look up a few old and new California friends in Southern California and the Bay Area.