October 19th, 2010

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Tuesday Oct 19. Progress, but slow.

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

I had to make a few corrections on my engine installation. I had cut the forward bed bases too deep. But a couple plywood patches and epoxy and that has been taken care off. With a little luck I should have the engine sitting where it belongs by tomorrow evening. Sunday evening we had a little party,with Christy and Marian, on the pontoon next to the one I am boarding at. This pontoon is operated by a private company out of Severin. It provides moorage for one of the ferry boats and an occasional tug. I drank the Romenian plum brandy called Tschwika, in Hungary Schlibovitch. On Monday morning I thought that I had a bad hang over. When I got up I had to grab on to the bulkhead because I thought I was going to pass out. I had no energy to get on with the engine installation and spent the morning reading. But I felt better in the afternoon and the continuous rain had let up to a drizzle by then. I never left the boat yesterday. Then when I went to bed down last night I had the same nearly fainting spell. Like I was totally drunk. This morning when I got up I had the same symptoms. It last for about 20 seconds and then I am fine. I think it might be Vertigo from a flue. Marian brought an electric heater, Sunday. And it has made life aboard a lot more bearable. Neru, the man who tends the pontoon next door, let me use his shower today. That is the longest period that I can remember ever having been between showers. The previous one was in Budapest on September 2nd….

If you think Seattle is a depressing place in the fall you have not been in Calafat. It has rained steadily for the last three days. Right now it is a drizzle again but from late yesterday till this afternoon it rained steadily without a pause. I managed to fill my water tank from the pontoon’s roof down spout, saving me the trouble of hauling canisters up  and down the river bank.