October 4th, 2010

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Monday Oct 3 Cal-A-Fat is Cold-And-Wet

Monday, October 4th, 2010

This morning when I asked the officer on duty at the Harbormaster office to make a call for me to Nico the potential third mechanic, he was short and irritated. He told me that the winter is arriving in 7 days and that my moorage will be a problem. Looks like I might be wearing their patience thin. Florin and the other officer have been very kind to me but they are only on two days and then off for the rest of the week.

The auto part store who gave me Nico’s address called him and he will be here tomorrow afternoon , with a pressure gauge. There is not a whole lot of things to do in this weather than read in the cold cabin. The clouds and the tinted windows make it necessary to read with lights. I am still handicapped with the bad right eye, which is not making much progress any longer. The last time I was able to have an intelligent conversation was with the passing through Australian campers. I think that if I run into anyone who can speak any of my five or so languages I am going to chain them to a table in a coffee shop and talk and listen for 24 hours straight.