9) The Second World War- Mother’s imprisonment in Dachau, etc. concentration camps


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  1. Bert van Ommen says:

    Hello Mr v Ommen or Jack. I very often on the look of resistent activities in the second world war in the east part of Holland, I was looking after Sonja v Hesteren a sd informer and I found you,Jack van Ommen. Same name and a little bit same interest,you in the States,I suppose,I am in the east part of Holland. More contact I do not know. Best regards. Bert v Ommen.

  2. jackvanommen says:

    Beste neef??

    Laat me eens weten wat jouw interesse is in Sonja van Hesteren. Ik ben sinds gisteren weer in Nederland.

  3. Henny Haars - de Ruyter says:

    I get the feeling that a lot of people who went through the war have stories to tell. The dutch news paper I receive each month here in Canada is in Dutch but they had a special issue in English with memories from dutchmen
    in the war years. My Canadian friend were very interested to read the population side of the war
    than rather the militairy side.

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