October 20th, 2010

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October 20. The engine is bedded down

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

My fears that after all the many measurements I would need to haul the engine out again to make some more adjustments were unfounded. The little blue engine that could is sitting in her new home and I am smiling but very tired. The propeller shaft is perfectly lined up to the engine. Marian and Christian came and helped at the critical moment to set her on the new mounts. I had set it all up with the block and tackle but I was not able to do it without their assistance. I still have a full days work on the final fastening of the flexible engine mounts and hooking up hoses and wires and the control cables. Some of them need to be made up to fit. And according to the Romanians I need to have a little festivity before taking off. Can’t argue with that. When In Romania do like the Romanians do…. So that will probably take place on Saturday and then I might be on my way on Sunday.

It did not rain today!!! And the sun even came through the overcast and clouds for a couple fleeting moments. It is actually quite mild now.

I still have the dizzy spells. Still think it is a stomach flue. Today I had to look up to the block and tackle and that’s when the whole world started spinning. But I feel fine. And it has not affected the 12 hours or so that I was busy with the installation. Sitting all cramped up in the engine department, drilling, chiseling, adjusting the engine angles to the shaft coupling, etc.