October 11th, 2010

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Monday Oct 11. Progress

Monday, October 11th, 2010

The engine has been loaded in West Friesland and I talked to the Romanian driver.

The weather warmed up into the high sixties from a cold morning, just above freezing. This gave me a chance to do some more prep work for the engine. I removed the dodger so that we have better access through the companion way to raise and drop the engines.

Something struck me the other day. As long as I have been here in Calafat there has never been the noise of an overflying airplane or vapor trails in the sky.  This is the end of the world.

Now that my HP laptop is working again and I have organized my photos I discovered that I have lost all my data between June 28 and August 6. Pictures, e-mails, etc.  I hope that there is still a way to recover it from the second broken down hard drive. But most likely it went the way as the painful loss of not having brought my back up hardware with me, last winter in Vietnam. This is the period from Sneek in Friesland to the beginning of the voyage on the Main river. This includes the time Jeannine and Gabrielle were visiting me. I do have the pictures that In posted on this blog during that time. Guess what I am doing today.”Een ezel stoot zich in’t gemeen geen twee keer aan de zelfde steen”.