October 7th, 2010

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Thursday Oct 7 Still engine shopping.

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

I am still waiting for prices, delivery time and compatibility with my current reduction gear ratio, etc.

The weather has just gone from summer to winter. A week ago I was still sleeping under the mosquito net and waiting till midnight to cool off enough to use the sleeping bag. Now it has dropped to around 10 degree Centigrade, in the low fifties Fahrenheit. A cold penetrating wet drizzle. From shorts to gloves in a week’s time.

I am so impressed with Windows 7. The Vista just never worked well. Now the speed has doubled. I have been sorting my pictures and came across the below pictures. These two gals at the Yacht Club were so playful and sensuous, in a way. Miss Goga and Natasha in Novi Sad, September 5.