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Saturday before Christmas. In Virginia.

Saturday, December 19th, 2015


Merry Christmas

I left Seattle on Wednesday the 16th. Flew to Washington D.C. and Amtrak to Richmond, Va. My youngest daughter, Jeannine, picked me up and I am staying with her in her flat in Ghent, one of Norfolk’s older sections.  It was in the high sixties but last night it dropped in the low thirties. The forecast for Christmas is once more in the seventies. Thursday night I saw Madison, my six year old granddaughter, perform in her school Christmas pageant. Yesterday I had a Christmas luncheon with a group of friends I have regularly seen since 2007 when visiting Virginia. Jeannine is treating me this evening to the “Messiah”, performed by the Virginia Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. I have sung parts of the Messiah but I have never yet experienced the full version life. Looking forward to it. The Harrison Opera House is within walking distance from Jeannine’s current home.

My seat neighbor on the flight to Virginia turned out to be another sailor, Ken, member of the Seattle YC. We became FB friends and he put in a very nice pitch in for me with his FB friends:

I plan to return to Gig Harbor around January 24.


Madison far left


LR: Lily, Jack, Madison













Chinese Pavilion, Norfolk











Looked like a decorated tree, turned out to be a Persimmon

Looked like a decorated tree, turned out to be a Persimmon


Tuesday, December 8. Spectator or Participant?

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

History is being made in China by the Christian Human Right activist Gao Zhisheng. On November 27 he wrote an open letter in support of his good friend and activist Guo Feixiong after he was sentenced to serve a 6 year prison term, on trumped-up charges.

Please, read the open letter at: 

Gao himself has served jail time and extreme torture, see video at:

In his letter Goa directly accuses President Xi Jinping and predicts the collapse of Communism. This is unprecedented and courageous. But will he get away with it, or will his body be found in a dumpster with a suicide note?

This is our chance to be participants instead of spectators. Like China change asks you: to prove-your-worth-by-helping-chinas-historicchange.

I started a petition to World Leaders on AVAAZ.ORG at:

I sent it out to my e-mail address lists, which has over 350 addresses and I posted it on Face Book, a few days ago. So far twelve people have signed, from over 7 different countries. How much effort does this take? Am I surprised? No. Am I disappointed? As you know I have an enormous ego and I want to be part of history.

Or just do it for Gao Zhisheng, his family and China.



Friday December 4th, not a Post Mortem

Friday, December 4th, 2015

You regular visitors might have wondered. I realize that I am a day short of a month since my last post.

I am still sleeping in real beds. I have moved from my second oldest daughter’s home to Lisa and Harry’s place in Fife, since Black Friday. “SoloMan” still keeps me busy, merging the English corrections that are starting to come in now. And I set up the web sites for both language versions. Have a look at: and

I had hoped that by now I would have had the books published. I estimate that it may take another couple weeks for the Dutch and a little longer yet for the English book.

In the mean time, I recommend another good book for your Christmas shopping list:—————->————–>—————>

On the 16th of December I fly to Virginia and expect to be back here on the West Coast around the 25th of January. We had a great Thanksgiving feast at Rose Marie and Donovan’s home. There were twelve at the table. Just like the last supper.

Tomorrow is  St. Nicholas Eve. We plan to celebrate this here with my two daughters and family.

wintering Hummingbird at Lisa's home.

wintering Hummingbird at Lisa’s home.

Frosted trees downtown Tacoma on early Sunday, Nov. 29

Frosted trees downtown Tacoma on early Sunday, Nov. 29