January, 2011

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Friday Jan 21 Full Moon. And Rose Marie is right.

Friday, January 21st, 2011

I have a fascination with the moon. The below picture was taken this morning in Chesapeake, Va.

In my last “Where is Jack” mail I accused you all of not praying enough for my engine to make it to Turkey. Rose Marie, daughter # 2,  straightened me out on that. She wrote: “Dad we did pray and you may have wanted to be in Turkey this winter but the Lord had other plans”. She is right. I tried to start on the book last winter in  Vietnam but there was too much distraction. It would have been the same in Turkey. This here, with the McDonnells, is the perfect environment. And the story needs to be told, even if it were just for my children. But it is emerging beyond that. Whom am I to argue with the Lord or my daughters?

There has not been much to report. I am glued to my laptop writing and researching the book that I am writing about our mother. Talking about another fascination…  It is going well but I may run out of material before my planned return on March 15, to Amsterdam. And I have more material there that I need to incorporate and visit several municipal and national archives.

Ik kom dan misschien in de a.s. dagen met een vraag naar logies, in Nederland, en een stopcontact voor mijn laptop vanaf zeg 15 februari tot eind maart.

My right eye is acting up again and blurring my vision. It had been steadily improving after the treatment I received, but another nasty cold and sinus infection seems to have brought it on again. Yesterday I had a general medical check up. I had not had one for the last 15 years. Got a flu and an pneumonia shot and the doctor tells me I can keep sailing for another ten years. I will see a gastroenterologist because I have had some digestive complaints.

Yesterday I received a new Acer laptop that  Seth had bought me after my HP laptop had a third harddrive breakdown, on the Danube. It  is still working but waiting for another breakdown  to happen. I could no longer use it to write the blogs, for some strange reason. So, I am back in business.