July 3rd, 2009

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Friday July 3rd

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

No fish this Friday on the line but I did have two decent flying fish laying in front of the companion way with the morning paper. I fried them for breakfast. They are tasty. You might remember that I had a bowl full of them one morning, just before arriving in Trinidad, in May 2007. And then in Trinidad the Swedish couple on “Acapella” made maatjes, pickled flying fish, what a treat, with ice cold Aquavit. At 19.30 hours I was at 33.44 N 58.03 W By the way, not sure if any one caught the error on UTC. Europe is two hours ahead of UTC, not behind. Also yesterday was July 2nd not June 2nd. I am now 1446 miles from Azores. That made for a 101 mile day. Last night was slower. I found that I could not budge the main sail boom. I had to wait till daylight to free up the friction caused by one of the hose clamps that I put on to temporarily fix the broken gooseneck. So I could only fly a head sail during the night, which was plenty before night fall but then I needed more sail during the night. It was a very nice sailing day to-day, not as rough and lots of sunshine. But the wind has now dropped to where I can only make 3. 1/2 – 4 knots with the most sail area that I have up now. But it gave me the opportunity to get several good pictures of these unusual critters that sail over the surface. It’s an unreal sight. Herb promises me decent conditions and wind for the next four/five days, as long as I stay below 35 North. To-night is the Cryptogram on Radio Nederland. I missed it the last number of weeks.

Well, I wish every one a very happy and pleasant 4th of July Holiday.