July 5th, 2009

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July 5th evening

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

At 19.20 UTC I am at 34.33 N 54.02 W with 1239 Miles to Azores. A 102 mile day. Tonight/to-morrow I shall pass the 1/2 way mark from Beaufort N.C. to the Azores. The strong wind I reported yesterday evening has not let up and is still close to 25 knots. And according to Herb, the weather Guru, it will continue for the next 3 days. It’s a rocking and rolling, with just the storm jib up. The waves have grown formidable. When I look out of the cabin over the stern I see the waves rise several feet above the stern, it looks like the tops of the waves want to take a peek and see what I have in the cockpit but then they lift me up and slide away under the boat. Once in a while they slap the stern around a bit and then there is a lot of screeching and squeaking of the wind vane control lines through their blocks to bring the boat back on course. But even though I prefer less wind, the good part is that I do not have to make any sail changes and only have to keep an eye on that tiny storm jib, and I keep a steady speed of close to 5 knots. I searched for a Sunday sermon. I ended up listening to the French transmission of Family Radio. Later in the morning they talk right over the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation program on the same frequency. Very little ship traffic in this part of the Atlantic. Yesterday a bulk carrier heading from the Caribbean for Europe. Earlier in the week an ore carrier (bauxite?), same direction. I will continue dead east along the 34.30 latitude and not go further north yet ( which I’ll need to do eventually) because gale force winds can be expected north of 35 N latitude. Fortunately I have been able to just hold this on the jibe I made yesterday. I Photo Shop edited my 30 plus shots of these wonderful creatures which I believe to be Portuguese Man of War. Got a few really good ones. I’ll be posting them when I get to the Azores. They are still around but fewer. I’m cooking white beans, canned chicken, onions and spices for dinner. The lettuce is all gone, still have a few fresh vegetables and fruit left, then it will be cans/dried food.

July 4th Coordinates

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

One person reads the blog. Sorry for the omission: At 19.15 hrs on July 4th I was at 34.29 N 56.11 W 1341 miles to Azores a 105 mile day.

This morning, July 5th at 9.30 UTC I was at 34.23 N 54.53 W with 1279 miles to go a 113 mile day. All night it stayed close to 25 knots and all I am flying is the tiny Storm Jib that I bought in Durban, after I had my knock down under bare poles off Richards Bay. It has been a life saver for keeping the boat moving in these strong winds. I am doing 4 1/2 to 5 knots. Last night when I hauled in the trap line, for the night, I discovered I was dragging a fish. Again a small tuna, but it did not make it to the boat, lost it. Have a blessed, joyful Sunday.