July 29th, 2009

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Wednesday July 29. Steady progress

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

At 15.30 hrs UTC I am at 41.51 N 17.27 W with 678 miles to Loctudy, a 94 mile day. The storm jib that had been our power source since yesterday morning came down at day break and after several sail changes we are now under our maximum canvas, the full main and 140% genoa and when I am done wit this posting the engine will be cranked on. The wind has gone into hiding. This is the furthest distance “Fleetwood” has come away from the equator since the spring of 2005. Last year it was 39 North at St. Michael’s, Maryland and before that it was 35 degrees at Cape Town, in 2007. I am not sure I like to have to go to the foredeck, like this morning, and get hosed with salt water and wear more than nothing and my safety harness and wristwatch. I still have not found my pair of jeans yet. Herb and the Grib files predict decent wind directions for the next 4 days. Friday might end up similar to to-day with light winds. To-morrow we should be half way with about 6 days to go to Loctudy.