July 11th, 2009

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7-Eleven. Saturday Evening Post

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

At 18.45 hrs UTC I am at 34.46 N 39.05 W with 552 miles to go. A 131 mile day. I must have a favorable current. The wind has gone from SW to NW and it is a much rougher ride with the waves on the port beam. Occasionally lapping over the deck and cabin. Wind is between 20 and 25 knots. Just using the 90% jib. Herb will not come on till 23.00 hrs. Since I have apparently run that nice WSWesterly to it’s end I am trying to head more directly for Horta. The next few days promise a lot of wind strength and direction changes. The blue sky is gone. No fish, except a nice size, about 6 inches, flying fish deposited right at the front door when I went to get my “USA To-Day”, at day break. Saved another egg, three left till arrival. I saw a sea turtle float by. Every one must have had a rough 4th of July and worn out because my incoming mail has shriveled to nothing. My one faithful correspondent, Bobbe, is away this week to the West Coast. The Radio Nederland Cryptogram just came on. It used to be every Friday evening. “Die kledingstukken leg je op de kachel” 10 letters 3rd “f” 5th “r”. I am wrestling with this one. The end must be “broeken”.