July 28th, 2009

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Tuesday 28 July, lots of wind.

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

At 15.20 hrs UTC I am at 41.12 N 19.28 W. with 774 miles to go Loctudy, a 111 mile day. The wind filled in after yesterday afternoon’s posting, from the south. It increased steadily and from full main and 140% headsail we are down, as of this morning, to the storm jib. Big waves, doing 5 knots and better and are right on our course, with a s.w. wind of about 25 Knots. Herb is promising us N.W. for to-morrow 10/15 knots, o.k. but not ideal, a beat and for Thursday 15/20K from the S.W., right direction and strength, Friday another front with 15/25K from the N.W., which might slow me down and set me further east than the rhumb line. A few more freighters and the ferry/cruise-liner that keeps a regular schedule between Lisbon and the Azores.