July 9th, 2009

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Thursday July 9

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

At 19.20 hrs UTC I was at 34.38N 44.09W with 784 miles to go to Horta, a 122 mile day It just does not quit the great weather and favorable wind conditions. What I figured had to be “Way we Go” passing me last night, turned out to be a totally other yacht, believe it was called “Isaac” manned with a delivery crew, a young German and a Spaniard, on their way to Malta from Trinidad. We passed within shouting distance and I talked with them on VHF. Got some good pictures to mail to them. “Way to go” is about 100 miles to the SW of me, I think I have gained on him in the last two days. Herb could not hear me or any of the 1/2 dozen boats this far east of Bermuda. We will try again at 23.00 hrs UTC. That worked well last night. My Grib files (weather faxes) show that I, as Herb has advised as well, should keep going East, so if I had sailed the rhumb line my miles for the day would be as much as 5/10 miles more. But from Monday on the Grib files show that I may have head winds from the N.E., not that strong so I might be able to motor sail. Took a cockpit bath, read my Jan de Hartog book, listened to the Tour de France. Another exciting finish, Norwegian won to-day’s run, Armstrong has not shown much yet. Found another dead squid on deck, this time on starboard. I can see one washing up on deck on the windward side but yesterday’s makes no sense, on port. Mysteries of the moon lit nights. I hooked on with his plastic nemesis, but so far not a bite. Please, pray harder for a fish I am salivating for a Tuna or Mahi-Mahi. Very few Portuguese Men of War now, the Saragossa sea weeds are back after a week’s absence. Time to open a can of vegetables and make dinner.