September 29th, 2011 browsing by day


Thursday Sept 29. It’s still howling through the rigging

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

After I checked the weather reports, yesterday, I decided to push South, today. But it howled again during the night and the seas were wild this morning. It slowed down again some but I need a full daylight day to get to my next protected anchorage, on Samos. I am getting cabin fever. But fortunately I have been putting my stop here to good use. I managed to translate a good portion of the “The Mastmakers Daughters” and in the process also got a better handle on the original Dutch version. I’ll keep at it for a couple more days. The winds are supposed to be even stronger tomorrow and then start tapering off by coming Tuesday. I have been checking the flights for an eventual round trip to Amsterdam if all works out for an inexpensive flight to Seattle and back. Stay tuned.

The summer has come to an end, most of the tourists here are young families with children younger than school age and older folks. I do my internet here from a cafe on the malecon. My Vodafone USB connection is too weak to do my blog. I was unable to download my e-mail this morning through the Vodafone connection because someone sent me some silly joke, one of those that you have to forward to your entire address list under the threat of turning into a salt pillar by non conformance, it just could not make it through the weak connection, till I made it into town. So, if this is my last blog you saw, you’ll know why….