September 15th, 2011 browsing by day


Thursday Sept 15. On the way to Eastern Aegean Sea

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Other than the marble quarries there did not seem to be much to see on the Marmara Adasi island when I had a better look at day light. The hotel wi-fi was not showing up and then I did find that my broadband Vodafone stick worked. But at snail’s pace. So, everyone, hold your pictures, in your e-mail for the next couple weeks till I am back in the world. A friend sent me pictures today and it took for ever to grind into my mail box.

I am now anchored at 40 deg 25 min N /27.04 E. This is the kind of anchorage I expect in Paradise. A beautiful little bay in a village of which I do not know the name. I have no paper charts and my electronic charts do not give the names. It was a beautiful sunset. The water is flat. I rowed ashore and found a store that sold me two beers and a bottle of wine and I managed to find a few groceries.

It was about a 40 mile sail. I left too late to make it to my next option but I am now out of the Sea of Marmara and entering the last narrows before I get into the Eastern Aegean Sea.  It was a perfect day. I had the spinnaker up for a while but then the wind died and I motor sailed the rest of the way.

I will try to post this on the awful broad band service but I may have to add the pictures at a later date.