September 27th, 2011 browsing by day


Tuesday September 27 Still on Khios

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

The wind is till howling through the rigging, particularly at night. It is not letting up. Tomorrow it is supposed to get up to as much Force 9 to the West of the island. I am hiding out with still 4 of the 5 French boats and one Dutch boat. I re-caulked my teak deck seams and still have a few other chores. ButĀ I have been spending most of my time translatingĀ  “the Mastmakers Daughters” from the Dutch. This is a good spot for it. It is free and well protected. I am still awaiting news from Germany for my marine insurance application.

A new plan is forming. I might come home to the N.W. for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I will have more details in the next days.