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Wednesday Aug 24. I’m prop-ped up again

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

I sanded out the cavities that I had filled, yesterday, with epoxy. And the fixed prop is installed. It turned out to be a more difficult act to get the heavy shaft lined up at the right angle, under water, and pushed in. But I succeeded. Wolfgang came out to help me this morning but at the first try it did not work. Martin the Dutch speaking Bulgarian diver, pushed it through the last 8 inches while I pulled the plug out inside the boat and inserted the new packing gland strips.

Tomorrow I’ll get to test the new set up. I am curious how it compares to the folding prop performance. Inga and Wolfgang took me to dinner to a nice Nessebar restaurant, this evening. Very nice evening and excellent food and company. I could spend the next couple of  years and listen to their travel and cruising stories. We’ll bot take off from here tomorrow to sail the 20 odd miles accross the bay to Sosopol. That will be my last Bulgarian port, before heading to Istanbul. It sounds like a good stop to make.

With Inga and Wolfgang of "Stella Maris