August 16th, 2011 browsing by day


Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Internet access is problematic in Nessebar. There is none near my moorage, the town is a 15 minute walk and then it takes a consumption to get wireless access. A coffee or beer
is at least $ 2.00 a hit. So I am sitting behind a half liter beer and the internet is not working here. So gulp it up and try next door. Wolfgang and Inge recommended buying a USB card in Turkey that connects to wireless via satellite, so that you can use it also in remote anchorages.

I am concerned about the fact that the shaft is not coming free from the flex coupling. The more gadgets you add the more problems one has to put up with.

Last night there was a very colorful dance and song presentation in the ruins of the Roman amphitheater. All in the theme of the feast day of Mary’s assumption, who also is the patron saint of Nessebar. There were local dance groups and also from the regions that have migrated here over the centuries, Greek and Macedonians. The Greek group came from New Messembria, Greece.
Messembria was the original Greek name for Nessebar (also called Nesbir). They danced and sang the song from “Never on a Sunday” (ta Pedia Tou Pirea), which made Nana Mouskouri famous. It was a delightful experience. An industrial engineering student from Sofia University was sitting next to me. He had spent time in the USA. His girlfriend is from Nessebar and she is the tallest dancer in the below pictures and the one on the right in the close up.

This town never sleeps. I was woken by fireworks very close to the Marina. Then at 1.30 a jerk, nouveau riche, in his powerboat with speakers twice the size of his engine and a 100 times his pea brain, right across from me was trying to dominate the sound in the area within 20 square miles. He did not respond to my yelling and when I went over to tell him he insulted me, but then another skipper on the dock apparently shut him up. It was hard to get back to sleep after getting so angry with this total jerk.

The internet came back on and I still have half my glass left…

The moorage in the marina is abiout $11 per day. So it is affordable to shop for the best replacement solution for the prop and shaft.