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Wednesday August 6. Propaganda

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

I can use all the help I can get to spread the word that that the best things in life are a free gift from God.  And a pitch for my upcoming book “Soloman”. So, I was very pleased to make the headlines today in the local daily news paper, the Peninsula Gateway. 

The reporter, 25 year old Karen Miller is fresh out of grad school. There is one minor correction NAJA is the type of boat both the old and the new “Fleetwood” were/are.

The engine problem, on Sunday, was an air leak in the fuel supply. Last night was Taco Tuesday, four of the regulars showed up at “El Pueblito”. It was also the weekly free summer concert at Jersich Park. See below pictures. People come by any type of floating device, bring a picnic. I feel like I am on a never ending summer vacation in a sea side resort. There is constant coming an going of visiting yachts in the marina and I meet the most interesting people. On my way back from the concert I met Tom from Portland who worked as a naval architect for American President Lines and worked on the revolution into the container age in which APL was a pioneer with the Panamax Intermodal system. He supervised building of their ships in yards all over the globe. He served in Vietnam on patrol boats on the south coast between CaMau and Cambodia. We could have talked for a few more hours. His wife Sheila was raised in…..Fleetwood, England. I have also managed to sell a few of the “The Mastmakers’ Daughters” to the visitors.

I have to send my brand new zoom lens in for repair/exchange. It is broken.

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