August 27th, 2014 browsing by day


Tuesday August 26. It’s for real.

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

After three false starts, I finally made it out of Dodge. I’m in Bellingham having a cold beer and excellent fish and chips at Nicky’s. Its been a hot day again, in the 80-ties.

I made it Monday night to Oak Bay, just south of the canal that made Marrowstone an island, just south of Port Townsend. I anchored out just when the sun was setting. The other picture is of the sun rising over the Fir trees when I pulled the anchor to catch the ebb tide and current through the canal. The engine problems appear to be resolved. I held my breath in the first hours, particularly when I had to wrestle a steep wake. Yesterday the wind came mainly from the NW. Most of the time too little to sail but also some real power spurts. Today the wind came from every directions you can imagine. Some great sailing and then back to the iron man.

But one thing is for sure: this is one of the most beautiful natural beauties God created. I had to see 51 countries from “Fleetwood” to be convinced. Particularly from the water. People that have lived here all their lives tell me that this is the best summer they have ever had here.

The seal picture has a story. I could not determine what I was coming upon near Point No Point. I passed just a few feet from her and she was not going to move. It looks like she might have possibly be injured. Her eyes look sad. Do you notice what looks like a heart tattooed on her chest. I’m in love! Any marine biologists in the house? She was floating on this piece of styrofoam.

I put the spinnaker up for the first time. But soon after the wind quit again. Anyway, another piece of my inventory checked out. Looks good. Nearly the same colors as the one that went down with the Sloop Jack V. Just the additional light blue panel.

Doug, my longtime friend Sid’s son, is bringing me a inflatable dinghy that he has donated to the “causa”, here in B’ham tomorrow. Then I’m off to Canadian waters.

Yesterday, a sailboat overtook me and hailed me near Blake Island. It was “White Cap” of John Dixon. I met John and his wife Sarah in 1987 when they had a Catlina 34? “Sail ┬ála Vie” when they participated in tje very first Jack and Jill Race I organized for the Gig Harbor Yacht Club. Sarah had MS. And I often wondered what happened to John and Sarah. He brought me the sad news that Sarah had passed away. He was on his way to Hood Canal with his new friend Susan. He knew all about my adventures as he regularly checks my blog. ┬áSeptember 13 and 14 the GHYC has their annual Jand J race. I am searching for a Jill to participate. I can give a few character references if necessary.

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