August 22nd, 2014 browsing by day


Thursday August 21. Engine runs again.

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

The pump promised for Tuesday showed up today. And all is back to normal. I plan take off for places North via Bellingham in the morning (Friday).

In my previous blog I wrote how my world has shrunk in size, but I do not lack company and friends here. Jim the wood products salesman on my float just took me up to the supermarket for my last minute provisions. Pete and Diane stopped by in their runabout with two of their granddaughters. Pete grew up on Wollochet bay, near here. While we are visiting Christine walks by with her sister in law Jan, both grew up with Pete on W-Bay.  Jan and her husband spend the summer here on their boat and the winter in Mexico. Last night  Terry and Janet invited me over for a barbecue at their house with another couple I have known since the eighties, Tom and Doris. Last Sunday I went to drop off a “The Mastmakers’ Daughters”  for Patty who bought one at coffee after the 8.30 mass. She lives in the condos on the bay where I temporarily moored my boat in May, on Joan’s dock. This was right after lunch. I did not get back here till dinnertime. After Patty I visited with her neighbors Bob and Gayle. They operated the “Harbor Inn” restaurant here for about 30 years and are sailing friends. And last stop was with Joan who gave me tour of her condo and I met her son and his family. Another Eugene sailing couple arrived here last night on their tri-maran and, of course, they also know my good Eugene friend Evert Slijper. They are Terry and Janice and also sail Thistles.