October 16th, 2013

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October 16 in the Lyon’s Den

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

I got a late start on Tuesday, catching up on my messages and the blog, with the one week internet blackout. But I managed to cover a little over 80 km and made to just north of Macon. It was getting dark and dropped the anchor in the river close to shore away from the channel. This is the best way to get a good night sleep. No bumping against the dock. Nice and quiet. The boat lays perfectly to the current. Then it was just another 86 km to Lyon where I arrived by 5 p.m. Yesterday it rained practically the entire afternoon, sometimes hard. Thank you Ernie de Boer for donating the one piece foul weather suit. It keeps me perfectly dry. The only drawback is that an old man frequently takes a piss and then I have to strip down to the waist. ¬†Yesterday I had one lock, today two. And with the much wider waterways I get a chance to relax with the autopilot on and be able to get out of the pocket into the cabin for a snack or whatever. The sun did not get out today but it is mild. I went on a one hour goose chase and caught crow. I had left my wireless antenna in a coffee shop in Chalons. This cuts back my potential free reception by 400%. Right now I had to get out of the boat and into a shopping center, where last year I could easily get the signal on the boat in the same spot. But the store did not have it. The other item was a keyboard for the new tablet but they only have French key boards. Then I could not remember the model of the Samsung for a cover for it. But I saw a part of Lyon I had not seen before. Reminded me of Paris’ Left Bank. It is a fabulous city. ¬†The marina is not attended out of season, so I have free moorage. I plan to be in Avignon by Saturday and expect to meet my cousin Adri and her husband who are there with their camper.