October 24th, 2013

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Thursday October 24, Port Camargue

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

I am being eaten alive by the mosquitoes. They are trying to find a spot I did not smear repellent on.  Turns out the mast stepping is tomorrow. I am all set up for it. One disappointment the multiplexer I ordered and paid for cannot be sent to me till Monday and would then arrive Wednesday. Why did the guy not tell me that before I jumped through hoops to get an address for him and make the payment after PayPal  went through the same nonsense as the bank problems I have had.

I discovered a broken wire between the ICOM radio and the Pactor Modem and no-one can solder it here. So what to do? I believe it is the audio connection A long single pin goes into the SSB radio and an eight wire pin into the modem. But when I cut the 8 pin connector open it looks like it connect to just one wire and a ground shield. t would take a week to get a replacement, I figure. Wi-Fi is tough to find I am sitting now in a park to get the signal from the Tourist Office. Yesterday at McDonalds was worse no place to hook my power cord to either. So I have to work fast and keep it short then I can recharge on the boat.

Yesterday I saw lots of Pink Flamingos in the salt marshes along the canal to the open sea. But my camera is not giving me a good clear picture any longer. I may have to look for a new and more powerful lens.