October 17th, 2013

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October 17. Uproaring in Lyon. Obama Bashing

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Yesterday I placed the below message on Face Book. It was with a certain amount of apprehension and soul searching. I do not want to accuse or offend any one. But I just hope that some of my friends will take the alternative to heart. The reactions this morning were 95% positive and many of them.

The sun has come out I’ll be on my way to Avignon.


To my OBAMA BASHING FB friends:  I am concerned about your motives in using Face Book to criticize our president. I am a Republican and have always voted my preferences for free enterprise and individual responsibility. I have voted three times for a Democratic presidential candidate; in Nixon’s second election and the last two presidential elections. A  United States president does not make any laws that you and many disgruntled Americans credit him for.  He has just the same voting privileges you and I have.  I voted for Obama because he impressed me with his eloquence, his effective election campaign and that he is one of the few politicians who abstain from pissing matches with their opponents. On Obama’s inauguration, in January 2009, I happened to be in the British Virgin Islands. The yacht club had set up a television outside and it was a great party, champagne flowed; many of the yachties were Republican Americans, just like my-self. Then when I visited home in the N.W. in early 2011 I was confronted with the first Obama bashing from some of my Republican friends.  Now I see it regularly from my FB friends. Never in the 50 years since I gained U.S. voting rights have I experienced the meanness, ridicule, innuendos, and false accusations towards any other U.S. president. And even his wife becomes your target. Why? If you are unhappy with whatever affected you in his administration then why don’t you direct your energies at your elected lawmakers? President Obama has just a couple more years to make your life miserable. Why don’t you spend your time in getting a good Republican candidate into the White House? What really worry me are your possible motives. Is it racial?  Is the euphoria of January 2009 of having a president who is part black and part white and second generation American still too difficult to embrace for you? Please, look into your hearts and direct your energies to a solution to your ideals rather than bashing a non issue and create divisions instead of building bridges.