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Thursday August 9. In Cassis, Provence

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Not much wind yesterday. I motor sailed the short distance to near Cassis. I tried to moor in one of the fjordlike inlets of “Les Calanques” a steep rocky coast, just east of Marseille. But the inlet was packed with boats and I left and went back across the bay from Cassis and anchored in a bay under Cap┬áCanaille. gorgeous setting. During the afternoon the constant buzz from the crickets in the P:ine trees at night the sound of the surf. I will explore a few more of the Calanques inlets today. And will probably alread end up in Marseille by this evening. It is only 13 plus sea miles from here.

Then I plan stay a few days in this interesting city and next head to Port St. Louis de Rhone to get the mast down and prepare the boat for the canals, more fenders, wooden side boards, etc. and arrangements to ship the mast to Holland. I am having a fit trying to purchase more prepaid time for my cell phone. Every time I try contact T-Mobile Holland on the internet I have to get a new password and then they tell me when I have a new one to wait because it is not available yet…..

Cassis is a wonderful town. This is where the Cassis wine originates. There are some gorgeous estates on the walk from the bay where I am parked to the town. Reminds me of Santa Barbara. Virginia Wolf used to hang out here and other famous writers, artists of her time.