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Sunday August 5 in Cannes

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

I just got out of the 10 o’clock mass at Notre Dame de Voyage, very appropriate place for a traveller. I shall be on my way west wards towards Marseille in the next hour or so. I really enjoyed my stay here. The moorage in the excellent marina was reasonable, 26 euroes. I did not take many pictures here because you have seen them. The large hotels on the water side, going back to the early 20th century when the English discovered Cannes. Many restaurants with their tables lined along the narrow streets. All filled with tourists, French, Italian, Scandinavian, English, very few Americans. In the marina I have not seen another American yacht.

Last night I had such a very rewarding and emotional visit with the Ly-Lap family. As it turns out my recollections of when I last saw Lilian Ly-Lap were wrong. I thought in Saigon in February 1963, but she reminded me that she came to visit us in 1969 in Belgium with Genevieve. Lily had not changed at all. She is up in her eighties and her three children range from 60 to 69. The last time I saw Claudine in 1963 she was 11. Genevieve and her husband Uyen live in Chieng Mai Thailand, Claudine in Grenoble and I was very fortunate to meet them all at their mother’s apartment in Nice. Michel lives in a suburb of Nice and Marie Helene lives also in Nice.¬†We had lots to talk about. Liliane and Genevieve had made an outstanding buffet dinner with a Vietnamese salad and Ba-Bun ( beef noodle dish).