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Aug 25, Saturday Evening Post, Seurre on the Saone and Monday Aug 27

Monday, August 27th, 2012



From Trevoux at KM 31 I made it to KM 113 in Tournus, last night, a little over 80 k.m. There was just one lock. My new technique works reasonably well, using just one line attached just aheah of midships to hold the bow in check and the other end led around the lock mooring post and then down to my jib sheet lead block brough to just aft of midship then I run the end of the line around the jib winch. Sounds simple but I still managed to have a panic the first of the two locks today because there was a knot in the long line, the lock doors started closing and water was rushiing in. Anyway I survived that one. And a lesson learned. Yesterday I got caught in a horrendous down pour and thunder and lightning. Today it rained most of the day. Not good for pictures. Tournus is a delightful old city. Seurre is a town of 2600 folks. Also has some very interesting and historic sights. I was stopped just short of the marina because of hydro races going on. There were fire works in the evening.

Sunday: went to 10.30 mass at Saint Martin. Delightful church with an old ship model hanging from the rafters. This church also alternates every other Sunday. The priest is from Kinshasa he gave a wonderful sermon about choises we make. The epistle was from the old testament where Joshua asks the Israelites to make choice between the gods of the people’s land he had led them to and the Lord.  “Choose you this day whom ye will serve; … but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Josh. 24:2, 15). And the gospel was from the new testament where Jesus tells his followers that things may become a little tougher and a number of his disciples leave him. Then he asks the remaining twelve who they choose for and then Peter gives the well known answer. It kind of ties in to my observations that too many Europeans have made a choise that, in the good times, just like the Israelites after their 40 years in the desert and at Joshua’s question had been living in the land of plenty, they do not need the Lord any longer. Off my soap box and pulpit the lock just beyond Seurre was opened after the Sunday morning hydro races were done at noon, but I still managed to better than 60 kms and am now at KM 252 ??? in Pontailler sur Saone. I should be out of the Saone in two days. It did not rain yesterday but was cov ered with dark clouds. The locks have become miniscule and only have like a 6 foot drop but there will be many more of them from here on. I had a nice visit on my neighbor’s boat from Ireland, Eddie, Laura and Cytha. C