May 24th, 2012 browsing by day


Thursday May 24th Aegina

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

I hopped on a local bus this morning to go up to the temple of Aphaia. Very impressive site with a fabulous view towards Athens. But the weather was not ideal. It was cool and rained of and on. The landscape is different from any place I have ever visited. Rough volcanic soil; The rain had brought out the wonderful smells of wild herbs, oregano, thyme and the pine trees. This island is known for Pistachioes and groves of the trees dominate the cultivated landscape. The next bus back was at 13.15 hours and that meant a two hour wait. I managed to hitch a ride with a bus load of senior student Stockholmers on a cultural vacation. A professor of ancient art history was their guide.

I still have not heard if my package from Florida has arrived. North continental Europe has finally gone from fall to summer weather and the reverse has happened here in the last week. From sleeveless shirts to wool sweaters. But at least I’m making progress with the father Huysmans translation. I should have a much better night, there is space between me and my neighbors. Hans and Minie with “Water Music”, who I met in Poros, are my neighbors since this afternoon.