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Sunday May 13 A trip to Chania

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

When people ask me: “Which stop on your voyage did you like the most?” I’ll have to include Crete in the top. And I only saw a small part of it. Scenery, climate, history and it’s distant location to the rest of the Greek islands make it a very special place. The mass at the Catholic Church was celebrated in Greek and sung in Latin and several of the hymns were sung in English. One of my favorites: “How great Thou art”. Chania has a good size ex-patriate community who have retired here, particularly English. Next I visted the Archeological museum which has a very good collection of artifacts uncovered in the nearby region of the Minoan period, around 3 to 1,5 mileniums B/C.

The Venetians, around¬†the 14th/15th century¬†left their marks all around the city. The pictures tell the story. I took advantage of having the rental car to stock up on items that are hard to carry on the folding bike, Diesel, bottles water, etc. I am well stocked and will leave in the morning. Most likely I will be out of internet access till Wednesday. My good friend Matthias Klemm is making up the starboard running back stay and I aske dhim to send it to a marina near Athens. Since I need to go up the mast to replace it I’ll have to be in a regular marina. I had planned to round the southern Peninsula of the Poloponisos but this will take me through the Corinth Canal into the Adriatic.