May 28th, 2012 browsing by day


Monday May 28 My lucky Monday in Athens. And how small can the world become?

Monday, May 28th, 2012

My gamble that the running back stay replacement would arrive today, paid off. It arrived in the early afternoon. I have everything laid out to go up the mast. My port neighbors are two young Ukrainians and Boris in particular looks like he can grind me up there without any pain. They should be back soon.

I am anxious to get going again. With a little luck I might be on my way tomorrow. Though I have paid for three nights mooring, this morning.


It is in the meantime evening. My Ukrainian neighbors will help wit the back stay installation tomorrow morning. I went for a wild goose chase trying to find a print shop because I am running out of boat cards. Meeting so many new friends. But could not find an ink jet printer anywhere. I saw a familiar picture ahead of me two young men, crew cuts, black small back pack over clean white shirts and long black pants. I caught up with them and asked what part of Utah they were from. No, Belgium and Germany. I asked the Belgian what part of Belgium he was from. He said: About 20 k.m. south of Brussel. I said: “Nivelles”. He looked at me with big eyes that I would know this small town. Then I explained that I lived in Ittre in the late sixties when I worked in Brussels for Weyerhauser. A town of less than a 1000 souls. Then he said: “That’s my home town!” Now try to figure the mathematical probabilities of meeting  a flawless American English speaking Mormon in Athens from a town of less than a 1000 souls. Jeannine (daughter #3) was baptized in Ittre, Lisa (#1) went to first grade there.  Just two wonderful young men, in their early twenties, who look you straight in the eyes and can converse with an adult. On a mission for the Lord. Florent Demeier, the Belgian and Jerome from Bremen.