May 26 “Salto Mayor” (Big Leap) for Sotomayor

Written by Jack van Ommen on May 26th, 2009

I am delighted, muy feliz. 

A violent thunderstorm is fading into the distance. Strong winds whipped the rain in many directions. Looked like a snow blizzard. I am booked to be back in the river a week from to-day. I am not happy with the choice of finish paint, color and the way it brushed out. But it will have to do.


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  1. Seth van Ommen says:

    I think I’m not the only one who is very curious as to what colour you choose to paint Fleet Wood. Post a picture already Dad!

    It’s a shame that she won’t be as noticeable but I can understand the benefits of not having to re-do the finish every other year. =)

    Yet still, the wood is still there so one day she can be restored to her old glory when you donate her to the Wooden Boat Museum !

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