Sept 28 Matinee edition

Written by Jack van Ommen on September 28th, 2010

The weather continues to be absolutely superb. Today is in the low seventies, with broken clouds. In the morning I start out with socks and jeans and by 10  I am back in shorts bare feet and T-Shirt. So, it was a perfect ride to Ciuperceni Vechi to find the mechanic. It is another attractive country village with unpaved streets. The 9 k.m. ride paralleled the Danube to the S.E. Fane was working out of a workshop that would be too small to park a Smart Car. But he appears to know what he is doing. The way he checked the injectors was a crude piston hand pump with which he pressed fuel through them. Two were good, one so-so and one bad. Marion had possibly used the same gizmo but he gave me three back of which the so-so one actually turned out to be good and vice-versa. I had discovered that two days ago already but that still did not solve the problem. Fane thinks it has to be the injection pump and he is coming to the boat tomorrow. He speaks enough German to make sense.

But for the experts: here is what I discovered when I removed the injectors today. The aft one was nice and clean and had diesel fuel on it when I pulled it. The forward one was totally covered with an oily feeling black carbon. Does this give a clue to anyone? This was not the case when I had them both out on Sunday.


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  1. My guess is that the nice and clean injector is either a leaking one and/or there is no or to little compression on that cylinder and it was most likely not firing at all. The soot covered injector points to a rich condition but at least you have compression and it’s firing.

  2. jackvanommen says:

    Hallo Matthias,
    Thanks for the suggestions. They help. Stay tuned!