Tuesday September 28. Groping for Clues

Written by Jack van Ommen on September 28th, 2010

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Twin brother, Jan, found a partially reconditioned Yanmar 2 GM for sale in Holland.

Some of the sojourners from the beginning of my voyage might remember my comments about the American exports I had to listen to on my local radio stations in the Pacific. Right now one of the top hits on the radio stations here is: ” I want to be a billionaire, so f…..ing bad” When I heard it at first I thought that possibly my hearing had gone the same way as my right eye. There are two versions, the one you hear is “fricking bad” but the very same singer sings the export version. Just 10 seconds ago, after I started typing this, its on the radio again. Ad Nauseum! There are plenty of rap songs as well with the “F” word. Most of the D.J.’s here probably have no idea what is being sung.


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