Saturday Sept 25. Still no luck with the engine

Written by Jack van Ommen on September 25th, 2010

The mechanic was to show up at 10 this morning, after I had brought the charge back up in the batteries with the solar panel. I saw him visiting with the guys from the harbor master office, around 11. But an hour or more later he was gone again. I tried starting the engine by my self. All I got was a thick black smoke coming out of the exhaust. It felt like it would want to start.

My brother in law tells me to do some more tests before throwing in the towel.

You all have a much better weekend than I plan on. I want to get out of Dodge, find a hot shower and a Sunday service I can comprehend and go to communion. But this is most likely just what the Lord planned for me and the answer will be revealed and when it does I will share it with you. I promise.


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  1. To my knowledge black smoke is an indicator for bad injectors.

  2. I just did a little more research:
    “Leaky injectors will richen the air/fuel mixture and cause black smoke. Also a dirty air filter or a collapsed intake hose can cause black smoke.”