Friday, Sept 24 No good news

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The parts came yesterday both from France and Ireland. I called the mechanic and spent at least 4 hours putting the head back on. The Mario set the right tension with the torque wrench and adjusted the rocker arms spacing. But then it turned out that there was a slight compression leak at the head gasket. So, I had to take everything off once again. This morning Mario came again but was unable to get the engine started. There was a problem with the fuel coming through the engine’s filter pump. He managed to clear that up but still unable to get the engine to start. Then he went away for a one hour siesta. He showed up four hours later. In the meantime I tried bleeding the air from the lines the way I have always had success. I managed to get engine to turn over but then it just stalled again with heavy black smoke.

We are going to give it one more try tomorrow morning after the solar panel has recharged the batteries. But he fears that the engine is toast. Possibly valves/rings or a broken timing mechanism. We are getting fuel to the injectors. I had high hopes that the parts would do the trick. The prospect of trying to get an engine replacement to this off the beaten track part of the world does not bring much joy. The parts set me back about $ 500 and the labor will be at least $ 100 and I have been here now 2 weeks.

Please, everyone support me in feeling sorry for myself…


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