October 16th, 2012

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Monday Oct 15. I will be flying a new club burgee.

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

I joined the Y.C. “de Schinkel”, where I am moored and where I was given a very warm welcome when I arrived here the first time in 2009. I have been clu(e)bless since I dropped my membership at my Gig Harbor home port y.c. in 2008.  I learned to sail at this club in the early fifties from my uncle, Fred van Ommen, who was a member here for many years.

Corinne, my granddaughter, came to visit with a visitor friend from Seattle, Jesse, who works at the Sodexo concession at the Seattle Aquarium where my # 2 Daughter, Rose Marie, is the catering manager. I cooked Boerenkool (Farmer’s Cabbage), a traditional Dutch winter fare.

Does your Y.C. have a trampoline? Mine does. And Corrine will be back soon. I am so proud of her, at 22 she still knows how to be a child. After having mastered the flute and the clarinet she told me today that she found an Iranian violin mentor and a beautiful instrument to rent for 10 euroes a month. Her great grandmother, the mastmaker’s daughter, should have known her. Because she is living the life she wanted and always urged me and any other young man or woman to pursue.

This ties in to, some degree, with yesterday’s church service in the Sint Augustinus Church. The celebrant cited the following poem, from Kris Gelaude:

Met de schoonheid die je ziet

met de geestdrift die je wekt

met de ruimte die je laat

met de vrede die je brengt

met gevoel voor humor

met de zorg voor het geringe

met de troost van aandacht

met de kracht voor eenvoud

ben je in staat

om bergen te verzetten


with the beauty you see

with the enthusiasm you create

with the space you allow

with the peace you bring

with a sense of humor

with care for the small things

with the comfort of attention

with the power in simplicity

you are able to move mountains.

The gospel was from Mark 10. The rich young man who asked Jesus what it would take to earn salvation. Jesus suggested that he gives his wealth away to the poor and follow Him. I have friends and acquaintances who are a lot more generous than I was when I had money. And then I lost it all plus other people’s money. Have I learned my lesson?

Last Saturday, when I stepped of the boat I slipped on the wet pier. One foot went into the water and I hit my back hard against the wind vane frame. I must have bruised a rib and the discomfort is getting worse. Just an hour ago I had to cough and the pain was excruciating. Thank God that the cold is nearly gone, but I am not sure if I can sleep on my side tonight. I am staying overnight in Soest with my friends Arhur and Marianne whose home I will sit all of January. I hope I can ride the bike to the railroad station here.

Corrine on the Trampoline