October 26th, 2012

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Friday October 26. From Summer into Winter.

Friday, October 26th, 2012

The electric heater is purring away in “Fleetwood” ‘s cabin. The sun just set and it will get close to freezing tonight. I managed to protect the damage from the destruction derby, on Fleetwood’s hull, in the French locks with epoxy, when the rains finally ceased and before the temperatures dropped too low. I have helped with raking leaves on the yacht club’s lawn. The huge Chestnut tree still has bags of chestnuts and leaves to to collect but the Oak tree has shed its leaves and the chipmunks have squirreled away its acorns. It will not be much longer till I can put my skates on in my living room and Hans Brinker away across the canals and lakes. Skating used to be my passion. The last time I skated in Holland was the winter of 1956-1957, just weeks before I emigrated to California. With my twin brother, Jaap Willemse and Peter Biemond from our street. The 100 km “elf dorpen tocht”, eleven village tour, on the old fashioned skates that were tied with ribbons to street shoes. The skates I used are now antique wall decorations in my daughters’ homes.

My bruised ribs are slowly healing and I can tolerate a good laugh again.