June 1st, 2012

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Friday June 1 Delphi

Friday, June 1st, 2012

This trip to Delphi rates very high on the places I have visited on my ciurcumnavigation. If ever in this area be sure to spend a day here. The location is magical. High up in the mountains, in the pine forest above the olive groves. The archeological museum presents the story of Delphi in a very clear and interesting way. This was the place during the pinacle of the Greek culture in the period 650 to 400 years BC. It portrays the different waves of the Persian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman periods.

I missed the bus back down to Itea because I had somehow pushed one of the many buttons on the fancy watch I got for Christmas from my children. And it takes two generations after mine to figure out how to fix this. The next bus was 2 1/2 hours later. I decided to hitch hike. A young couple stopped. They were driving a V.W. van. He was from Lima, Peru his partner from Baranquilla, Colombia. Musicians. Just delightful people and I can hardly wait to visit their countries on my planned trip there, from my intended base in Cartagena, Colombia.

On my way here to do my internet stuff I ran into a couple of boaters, who live in Aachen, Germany. Miguel has his birthday today and his wife surprised him with a chocolate cake and a candle. It also happens to be the 18th birthday of my grand son Elliott, who graduates from Stadium High School this month. Miguel was born and raised in Buenos Aires. He met his German wife, Brigitte, in Fulda. He is a surgeon and she a teacher they both took early retirement.  Brigitte is writing a book about the unusual family relationship. Her parents had a farm in the former German enclave in Tsechoslovakia, Sudetenland. Her father was drafted at 18 years in the German army. Miguel’s folks, as Jews, fled Germany in the early forties to France and then to Argentina. Brigitte’s father returned in 1947 from Russian prisoner of war camps to find his farm destroyed and then came to Germany to try start a new life.

I shall be on my way tomorrow, early, direction Corfu and beyond.