June 8th, 2012

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Friday June 8. Corfu

Friday, June 8th, 2012

It was just a short 20 mile crossing to Corfu. I am moored in the old town port, rafted onto a Swede. The man is a nut case, he babbles on about abstract discoveries he made in mathematical probabalities of ships in the port of Alexandria on AIS compared to Google Earth pictures. He also seems to have a persecution phobia, from the authorities. I think he fried his brains on dope.

I may need to find another moorage. The marinas are dear, upto $ 60 a night. This here is free and it is right in town. Anchoring out is a problem as far as pumping up the dinghy. I plan stay till Sunday afternoon or Monday morning. There is a R.C. mass at the cathedral at 10.30 on Sunday.

Corfu is an amazing place. It has been colonized/occupied by the Romans, Corinthians, Normans, Turks, Venetians then Napoleon till 1814 when the Brits took over. The architecture is heavily influenced by the Italians and the French. Very pleasant place. Lots of tall buildings blocks, many churches and chapels, small piazzas with shade trees, flowers and benches. The Linden trees are starting to bloom. You might remember my delight with the Linden blossom fragrance when in Romania, a year ago. Aso lots of flowering Jacarandas. That is one thing I missewd when sailing in the tropics. Because the only good time to sail in the tropics is in their winter time, because of the threat of hurricanes./cyclones. And the trees blossom in the summer time.