November 5th, 2011 browsing by day


Saturday, November 5. Flying to Seattle on the 16th.

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

I am scheduled to arrive in Seattle on Wednesday afternoon, November the 16th and tentatively returning to Amsterdam on February 23rd and to Athens on April 11, just after Easter. There could be a hitch because the Dutch might hitch me to a park bench. They have become aware of the fact that whenever I arrive the weather turns warm and dry and when I leave it goes back to normal. This happened last year, this Spring and on Thursday when I arrived here it became sunny and unseasonal warm, in the sixties.  The sidewalk restaurants were filled when I rode into town to try and see what could be done about getting another cell phone with the same Dutch number. I left mine on the boat in Khios. No, without the sim card there is no way. So, to communicate with me use e-mail or a text message to my Skype address, jackvanommen, and I will call you from Skype.

I spend a couple hours with the old Schinkel YC friends in their club house.

Yesterday I received a digital photo of picture taken in 1910. I had seen it earlier but had never been able to enlarge and recognize the people in the picture. But now I could figure that my mother is the 9 year old girl on the left. See details below. This will become part of the illustrations for the book “The Mastmakers Daughters”, that will be one of my priorities this winter to finish in to a publishable format in Dutch and English.