November 3rd, 2011 browsing by day


Thursday, Nov 3rd. In Athens

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

The ferry was an hour late departing Khios and arriving here. But I have lots of time to kill. A 70 year old Dutch- Austrian-Canadian-Greek, and I forgot the rest, managed to keep my attention for a couple hours after I disembarked. He spoke some Greek and had lived here married to a Greek. He was born in Holland of an Austrian mother and a German father. A real character, good looking man. He lived in B.C. and has a home and has a 47 foot Scepter sail boat in the Ford’s Cove marina on Hornby Island. He went as a tropical plants engineer to New Guinea in the sixties. Shortly after he decided to study anthropology at University of Oregon. Then started a medical herbs import business. Now he lives in Austria but was on his way to inspect a house he has being built in Northern Greece, a very private person, so he tells me so I leave off his name. Oh, I forgot that he is a Buddhist.   

I finally found a luggage locker in the area near the Acropolis, in a Metro station. The first station lockers were all filled up. It is 30 years ago that I last visited Athens, Seth was with us and had small pox, he was a year old. I still recognized the layout and the harbor area of Piraeus.