July 17th, 2011

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Sunday July 17. A real Sunday.

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

I was able to go to 10 o’ clock mass at the Catholic Church here. All in Bulgarian, but at least I knew all the time what was going on. The priest was an Italian in his early forties.  The majority of the congregation were older women. About 75 people, 50% of the church’s capacity. These countries could use an infusion of the Holy Spirit.

This morning it looked like it was goig to rain. The clouds hid the moon and a wind started clattering the halyards. But then it became another hot sunny day in the low hundreds. I took my siesta  and then managed to get a coat of Cetol on the house teak trim and Clear Epoxy on the rub rails.  A few more coats and then the boom goes on and the halyards are lead back again.

A German power boat came in on their way back to Northern Germany from the Black Sea. The captain is selling me a collection of his Turkish and Greece charts that I am really happy to have and he is giving me an older version opf Rod Heikel’s cruising guide for Greece. Yesterday 4 young men from Bolzano, Italy came in to spend the night. They are driving a large inflatable outboard. They had covered 300m km in one day, upstream from Constanza on the Black Sea.

A thunderstorm and decent down pour just had every one scramble for cover here. My forward hatch is open. Oh, well they do not last long.


Church in Rouse