July 2nd, 2011

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Friday July 1st. The usual snags when working on a date line.

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011


It started raining early in the morning and continued through most of the day. The flexible coupling arrived yesterday and I was able to pick it up this afternoon. But I have no clue as to how it atttaches to the shaft. I have sent messages to the supplier, no luck yet. The other item in the package was a replacement part for the gear shift. It had broken when I tried to take it apart for the cockpit painting job. Combination of two dissimilar metals in saltwater conditions. They sent the wrong part. So, I may have to work with ropes and pulleys till this is resolved.

It takes 11 hours by train to travel the about 5 hour car drive from Zimnicea to Calafat. So, I have abondened that plan.

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But once you are inside the individual flats it is a different world. The heating is a large ceramic tiled wood stove that also is used for cooking when the heat is on. Everyone cooks on propane gas bottles. But there is city gas coming here soon. A friend of hers moved away but kept her apartment in town. The roof leaked and the entire interior is ruined. There is no one for redress of her problems. In some more urban centers, like Bucarest, the individual owners have formed owner associations for the individual apartment blocks.

Saturday: I put the first coat of anti-fouling paint on the bottom. Then I spent the rest of the day trying to fit the new flex coupling. With the new cutlass bearing the shaft does not give a millimeter, like it did in the worn bearing, and it does not line up very well with the engine coupling. Most likely the cause of the drive shaft coming loose last October. So, I’ll have my work cut out to try and re-align the engine. The problem with the wrong part for the engine controls in under control, but will probably delay my departure till the  week of the 10th. The company in Holland is sending me an entire new control system at their cost but still over $ 300. This is the third VETUS system in the 30 years of her life. I replaced the first one in Durban for similar reasons, dissimilar metals. This time it is just a small tube of cast aluminum that attaches to the stainless steel shift handle….