May 15th, 2011 browsing by day


Sunday May 15. I dig my new digs at the Danube dike.

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

I am the only guest in the sumercamp that will soon welcome hundreds of vacationing children.  The individual cabins have a large room with 12 beds and two rooms with each two beds. For the camp leaders/chaperones. Marian and his wife just moved in again and are getting the camp ready for the Philistines. There is a large shower room. All in all this is a step up from my downtown hotel. Very quiet, when the dogs stopped barking, after midnight. Then an occasional Owl call. In the morning I woke up to Coocooks, Crows. From 7.30 a.m. the firecracker machine starts, up the road a ways, to scare the Cormorants off, the pests of the fishermen. I brought my espresso pot from the boat and can have a good cup of coffee in Marian’s kitchen.

For internet I have to go to a downtown cafe. The transformer to get me 120 Volt, for the rest of the world, from 220 Volt, blew a 3 amp Fuse and it has me searching all over Romania to find this fuse. In the meantime I am down to just the flat rectangular orbital Bosch (220 Volt) sander. I was able to get power today. After going through about 10 sheets of the crappy Brazilian sandpaper on the clamp on sander pad, I had another true flash of my well known ingenuity. Why not use the contact adhesive that I use to fasten the circular sanding pads on the, broken down, disc sander? So, then I got a lot of sanding done. It was in the eighties today. Thank God for bringing knee pads, because the black caulking seems on the deck burn holes in the bare knees.